How it began

Vicky Longbone, a trainee Church Related Community Work Minister with the United Reformed Church spent 18 months at Sutton Coldfield URC.  After spending several months getting to know the town and the different organisations Vicky realised that sometimes the members of the community weren’t always getting the most appropriate service.  This wasn’t because people didn’t care, it was just they didn’t know about the group down the road that offers specialist help.

Vicky started to draw up a list for the church to use.  After talking to several other people from different community organisations there was agreement that some kind of signposting tool was needed….. and so the idea of the Directory was born.

The project grew quickly, from a small list to a full directory, and then available on line, and then networking opportunities, and the creation of a committee to maintain and distribute the Directory.  The opportunity to join this Directory has been greatly appreciated by organisations involved.

There are so many more organisations that haven’t got involved yet, please help us spread the word!

This was Vicky’s last project here in Sutton Coldfield but her hard work is being continued by a dedicated committee with support from the local organisations.


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